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Port kembla stack demolition cinematic style youtube. Port kembla residents cheered as the copper stack was demolished in a controlled explosion, bringing the 198metre chimney toppling to the ground. Nine news sydney, port kembla stack i set a recording for ten eyewitness news as well, but unfortunately i ran out of gbs on my usb. Thousands of people watched the brick stack destroyed by explosive charges. The port kembla stack was an icon for the illawarra. Demolition of the copper chimney 198m in port kembla, australia. The stack was demolished despite much controversy among port kembla locals who considered it a part of their heritage. The port kembla copper stack will be demolished on thursday with explosives used to bring the stack down, which will occur between 8. Latest coastal weather observations for port kembla harbour idn60701 issued at 5.

The final moments of the port kembla stack youtube. The port kembla copper stack came crashing to earth today at. For more great content go to and download our apps. The nsw environment watchdog says initial tests indicate theres no need be concerned about air quality in the port kembla area following a fire in an. Oil payment and admixture adjustment based on stack average information.

Streaker mars nine networks coverage of the port kembla chimney stack demolition a giant smokestack wasnt the only thing dropping to the ground on nines live national news bulletin this. A community page showcasing the amazing images of local photographers in the illawarra, new south wales, australia area. A 200 metre high tower has been demolished in wollongong, australia. The iconic port kembla copper stack has been demolished in front of thousands of people who gathered to watch the explosion. The illawarra has said goodbye to one of its most controversial and loved icons. The 205 metre tall iconic stack at port kembla has always been the centre of controversy. Port kembla stack demolition to proceed 1922014 duration.

Stationed near the major ports of australias coastal cities are a group of closely. The 200metrehigh chimney, built from about 7,000 tonnes of concrete. Port kembla stack demo abc news australian broadcasting. Minister for planning, tony kelly, made the announcement during an inspection of the old port kembla copper site in military road at port kembla. Thousands of people gather to watch the demolition of an iconic 200metrehigh 650 feetchimney in port kembla, a suburb of the australian. In november 2008, the port kembla stack was inspected and confirmed to have concrete. In reflecting on the demolition of port kembla s copper stack gordon wallace has vowed to have a replica made with his departments 3d printer. Thousands watch port kembla copper stack demolition abc. Port kembla chimney stack to be demolished the nsw government has approved the demolition of a massive chimney stack near wollongong. I managed to film the ruins of the port kembla stack, which was destroyed three days prior to this recording. This footage was taken from the exclusion zone, as close as i could get about 300 metres away.

Port kembla is a suburb of wollongong 8 km south of the cbd and part of the illawarra region. Sentinel beehives provide coastal defence against catastrophic. Port kembla copper stack demolition video australia. It is situated on the tip of red point, first european sighting by captain james cook in 1770. Myshiptracking vessel database search for vessels in our main database. Port kembla stack the day before its fall duration. Port kembla copper stack demolition february 20, 2014. Port kembla copper 200m concrete stack demolition 20. Eastern australia canola delivery requirements asx.

Streaker mars nine networks coverage of the port kembla. Port kembla stack demolition view from mm beach duration. Cinematic style edit of the port kembla stack demolition on 20 feb 2014. Built in 1965 it has been closed down twice and is now destined for demolition. Facebook messenger twitter instagram youtube apple news. Port kembla is a suburb of wollongong 8 km south of the cbd and part of the illawarra region of new south wales. The detonation and demolition of the 198 metre high port kembla copper smoke stack in australia. Bp port kembla cnr wentworth rd and church st, port kembla, new south wales 2505 rated 4. Port kembla stack demolition, australia 20 feb 2014 youtube. Crew on the the ruby princess wave with a cartoon sized hand and head as the ship departs from port kembla in wollongong, australia. View all our safety vacancies now with new jobs added daily. Historical photos of port kembla stack latest news. Demolition of the port kembla copper stack before and after.

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