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Depositional environments, organic richness, and petroleum. The basin drained by the anambra river and its principal tributaries, the okutu, adada, mamur, oji and ajalli rivers constitute the area covered by the study. Biostratigraphy and paleoenvironment of the coniacian awgu. Subsurface evaluation of source rock and hydrocarbon. State, anambra basin, nigeria, is bounded by latitudes 60 49i 50. It was done by estimating the geographic extent of the basins petroleum. The rrc has identified the following technical issues with the public gis viewer and neudocs. Basin view is a town in new south wales, australia in the city of shoalhaven, on the shores of st georges basin. Pdf structural interpretation of part of anambra basin. The basin is a nwse trending embayment, perpendicular to the main axis of the benue trough and the niger delta basin fig. Petrographic and stratigraphic analyses of palaeogene. Anambra basin has about 6,000 m of sedimentary rocks. The anambra basin is about 40,000 km2 in size ogala, 2011 and is bounded to the west by the okitipupa ridge, in the east by abakaliki basin, and in the south by the niger delta basin fig. Introduction this study examines part of the sedimentary units of the eocene nanka formation.

Biostratigraphy and paleoenvironment of the coniacian awgu formation in nzam1 well, anambra basin, southeastern nigeria. To fix these issues, we suggest you clear your cache and restart your browser. Nigeria is underlain by seven major sedimenta ry basins, viz. Maastrichtian successions of the anambra basin, southeastern nigeria. The first two cycles belong to the presantonian sediments while the third cycle belongs to postsantonian sediments which are. The stratigraphic setting of southern nigeria comprises sediments of three major sedimentary cycles. Anambraimo river basin development authority asked to. Nigeria finds oil and gas in commercial quantities in anambra. Petrographic and stratigraphic analyses of palaeogene ogwashiasaba formation, anambra basin, nigeria c. Paleogeography, sedimentation and tectonics of the upper. Basin 35 mm mm 265 415 mm mm 190 mm 160 mm 29 s mm 45 mm 190 mm mm 440 mm av 3438 semlrewssed basin 440 x 183 mm mm 31 mm 45 mm 620 mm av 3620 art basin mm. View enhanced pdf access article on wiley online library html view download pdf for offline viewing.

The stratigraphic setting of southern nigeria comprises. Subsurface evaluation of source rock and hydrocarbon potential of the anambra basin, south eastern nigeria iheanacho princewill ugochukwu dissertation. During the visit, the team also inspected the 20 kilometre access road to the oil wells and the 10 kilometre flow line for evacuating crude to a spot at anambra river basin from where. Mr onwumere who led a team of experts to assess the volume of gas and crude reserves in the anambra river basin as well as gauge the preparedness of the state.

Nigeria from logs of boreholes drilled for oil that the thermal gradient for chad basin ranges between 3. However, sequel to santonian tectonism, the study area opened up as anambra basin. Sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy of the nkporo. Extent and distribution of groundwater resources in parts.

Palynologiacal and paleoenvironmental investigation of the. Ditch cutting samples from an exploratory nzam1 well located in the northwestern part of anambra basin were subjected to lithological. This author studied the depositional model of the outcrops along iseleazagbaonitshaakwa areas of the northern niger delta and anambra basins. The anambra basin is situated west of the lower benue trough and is often considered youngest formation of the benue trough. Geothermal gradient of the niger delta from recent studies. Structural interpretation of part of anambra basin nigeria using aeromagnetic and landsat etm data. Biostratigraphy and paleoenvironment of the coniacian. Stakeholders on water have asked the anambra imo river basin development authority to embark on the recycling or reuse of waste water to ensure rapid economic development of its. It is roughly 25 km south of nowra, and approximately 200 km south of sydney. Sedimentology,sequence stratigraphy,anambra basin,nanka formation and eocene. The basin includes the truckee and carson rivers and pyramid lake and. Crustal structure of nigeria and southern ghana, west africa from pwave receiver functions ofonime akpana,b. To identify and characterize the various shale gas play within the anambra basin.

Anambra basin is one of the energyrich inland sedimentary basins in nigeria 153 it is a nearly triangular shaped embayment covering about 3000 km 2 with a total sedimentary thickness of. Several workers have studied the anambra basin and niger delta in terms of sedimentology, stratigraphy and sequence stratigraphic concepts nwajide and reijers 1996. It is hoped that information presented in this paper would be a useful guide for. The marginalshallow marine nkporo group is the basal lithostratigraphic unit of the late campanianmaastrichtian successions of the anambra basin, nigeria fig. Anambra basin is a cretaceous depocentre that received campanian to tertiary sediments nwajide, 1990 and obi, 2000. Sedimentological attributes and stratigraphic of nanka formation, anambra basin,nigeria acra 2e. The main oil source formations of the anambra basin, southeastern nigeria. This page bundles the available data for the anambra basin in the africa.

Outcrops of the formation are well exposed along the long reach of orle stream in auchi as well as road embarkments at ayogwiri, fugar and othame environs in the. Men and women farmers experience different impacts of climate variability and change cvc. Textural characteristics of the siliciclasts of ajali. Research on the differentiated impacts of variability and change in rainfall on. Before the santonian tectonic event anambra basin was still in platform stage. Anambra river1, ihadagu1 and very scanty 2d seismic information, anambra basin is under explored. Bhima basin the ne trending irregularly sinous bhima basin fig. Excitement as orient petroleum strikes oil in anambra. Orient petroleum resources plc opr was established to harness the vast but mostly untapped mineral, agricultural and human resources, especially hydrocarbon deposits in anambra basin. The anambra basin, located in the southern benue trough is a post santonian synclinal sedimentary structure containing over 5,000m thick of upper cretaceous to. Play fairway evaluation of the anambra basin, southeast. It is located between longitudes 7 030 and 800 east and latitudes 6 026 and 630 north.

The total aeromagnetic data covering the study area was subjected to first vertical derivative, spectral depth analysis, and source parameter imaging spi. Obala nkpume na eti mkpili, oke mmili ndu, mmili ala naazu omambala, the mystic arteryvein of the dark race. The images are hyperlinks and will open up a separate window with a high resolution pdf image of the map. The public gis viewer allows users to view oil, gas and pipeline data in a map view. Sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy of the eocene. This study is a contribution to the understanding of the play fairway in the anambra basin.

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