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The best form of spiritual exercise is to touch the floor regularly with your knees. Top 10 bible verses for paramedics and first responders update on november 9, 2019 by pastor jack wellman if you enjoyed these top 10 bible verses for paramedics and first responders, please share them with someone who might appreciate what these men and women do to save lives. Emergency bible numbers you can now download the free emergency bible numbers list here. The most popular bible verses from numbers found 1,288 verses numbers 1. Bible verses on preparedness american pastors network. Strongs numbers come from a reference book known as strongs exhaustive concordance of the bible. It is great because it has a verse for a wide variety of different situations and emotions. Quotes discover bible emergency numbers verses for all occasions the. You can now download the free emergency bible numbers list here. You can always turn to god when you need him bible emergency numbers. That is why i am so excited about this awesome find of emergency bible numbers. With worldclass production and customer support, your satisfaction is guaranteed. All verses and references are given in standard form of book, chapter.

When not stated, the verses are from the holy bible, new international version niv. These bible verses are the most popular and most quoted verses according to web search statistics. Dial these numbers in case of emergency, where to go in the bible to get some help with what you may be going. Bible verses quotesbible scripturesfamily bible quotesbible verses for. Please share any emergency bible verses in the comments and i may just add them to this list. Download pdf requires the free adobe reader software. God is the only one to call on life quotes and words to live by. Biblenotes the entire holy bible is summarized with easy. Bible emergency numbers quick reference guide jesus. Emergency contact numbers when you are feeling afraid john 14. We all have access to emergency numbers whether they are in our smartphones, a rolodex or listed in a phone book somewhere. For dealing with fearcall psalm 347 for securitycall psalm 121. This blog post contains resources from our tpt store and our amazon associate store.

Emergency bible numbers download family life radio. Keep these bible verses handy, memorize them and they will be of help to you during emergencies. Bible verse for emergency seraphim home bible bible tools. Numbers new international version niv exploring canaan. Heres a brief emergency list of bible verses on bible gateway that may be just what you need when youre in the middle of a personal crisis. In all seriousness, these bible verses are here to help those who are in need of help, which i think is a million times better than drakes stupid hotline bling. Bible emergency numbers my presence will go with you, and i will give you rest exodus 33. Bible emergency numbers is a handy reference for various situations you might face and need a scripture to lift you up and to give you the.

A proper understanding of numbers is possible through the application of basic guidelines for the proper interpretation of all scripture. Seeking a dose of encouragement, direction, and guidance in your life. Words to live by emergency bible numbers scripture guide for when you feel. So the number 6 denotes mans division from his creator and symbolizes man without god. When you are sad, phone john 14 you have sinned, phone psalm 51 you are facing danger, phone psalm 91 people have failed you, phone psalm 27 if feels as though god is far from you, phone psalm 9.

But today i saw a list of emergency bible numbers that will apply to all of us at one time or another. It is a little like a concordance but i like it even better. Top 10 bible verses for paramedics and first responders. Trust in the lord jesusyeshua christ with all thine heart holy bible emergency numbers always thank god for his living word praise jesus christ for his gift to us, praise the holy ghost for guiding us through the day. All lines are open to heaven 24 hours a day 7 days a week including holidays with no busy signal or dropped call, etc.

View sizing chart also available in white ink and mug. The bible emergency numbers bible study when in sorrow john 14 when men fail you psalm 27 when you have sinned psalm 51 when you have worry matthew 6. Bible emergency numbers i got this bible emergency post via whatsapp and it is quite a handy list of scriptures you call on in different times. Download only 2 pdf files recovery sobriety dear god, i want to thank you for. Bible prayers bible scriptures bible quotes bible art christian faith christian quotes christian messages bible emergency numbers juan xxiii. What does the bible say about emergency incase of fail. Would you share your faith and a cup of coffeetea with our bible emergency numbers travel mugs as requested by a few of our wonderful community members we have now redesigned our bible emergency numbers mugs to be wrapped around the entire mug and have had to font size increased so you can see your emergency numbers from a greater distance. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above. For all occasions bible emergency numbers, bible scriptures, read. This quick guide will help you easily find scripture that speaks to many of lifes challenges. Bible emergency numbers verses for all occasions bible verses quotes, bible.

Bible emergency numbers verses for all occasions where to find verses in the bible to help you. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the. Chapter nine the number 6 on the sixth day, god created man, so the number 6 was established as symbolic of man and all that relates to him. Bible emergency numbers travel mugs our lord style. Three speaks of god, but the number 2 speaks of division.

A concordance is an alphabetical list of words and definitions just like a dictionary except they only apply to one book in our case the king james bible. Just as you would call 911 in the usa in a physical emergency, there may be crisis times in your life when you need to be able to quickly dial uplifting messages from the bible to help keep you going. Emergency numbers to dial with prayer positive prayers. Thank god for his angels that help along the way and protect us from harm thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light. Take a census of all the males of the congregation of the israelites by families, by their fathers houses, according to the number of. The vision of isaiah the son of amoz, which he saw concerning judah and jerusalem in the days of uzziah, jotham, ahaz, and hezekiah, kings of judah. Bible emergency numbers 25 bible verses to get you. These verses inspire, encourage, feed the mind, and heal the soul.

When in sorrow, call john 14 when men fail you, call psalm 27 when you have sinned, call psalm 51 when you worry, call matthew 6. Dial these numbers in case of emergency, where to go in the bible to get some help with what you may be going through. Gods emergency numbers for care of your soul posted by scmi on aug 15, 2014 in soul health and wellness everyone should understand who to contact, where to contact and how to get a call through to request aid in the event of an emergency or crisis. Biblical numerology is defined as the study of the spiritual significance of numbers used in the bible. My presence will go with you, and i will give you rest exodus 33. You will have to register and be approved before you can post. Im not a numerologist, but i was curious to see the actual list and thought you might be interested too. Weve created a powerful resource titled emergency bible numbers that you can download and print free of charge.

Bible emergency numbers lord of the sick saviour of the. Allan mcnabb 1 quickreference scripture guide abortion, fetus is a child ps. Rescue your day, lighten your load, and lift your heart with thoughtprovoking quotes, inspiring stories, timely tips and prayers provided in this 100 emergency bible verses devotional gift book from dayspringa toolbox to gods word at your fingertips. The bible gateway blog features the latest news, announcements. No matter what emergency or different situations that life will throw your way. Tshirt, a custom product made just for you by teespring. The bible always brings joy in my opinion, but these are specific numbers verses.

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