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The class is used by other sanctioning bodies with compatible rules, such as the international conference of sports car clubs the classifications within the improved touring group define cars that will run together competitively in a road race. Neither showroom stock nor solo ii stock cars are permitted to interchange preparation rules. Scca nationals hstock day 1 results by dave 14 years ago oct 2, 06 leave a reply the mcs in hstock had their first runs at scca solo nationals on thursday. Mainline printing 3500 sw topeka blvd topeka, ks 66611 785 2332338. Group 6 consists primarily of larger displacement sports cars and sedans. News northwestern ohio region sports car club of america.

Changes of this nature will normally become effective upon publication the official scca websiteon. Current scca solo and nasa autocross number and class marking rules so exactly what are the requirements for autocross numbers and class letters. The following definitions shall apply to these rules regardless of any other definitions or interpretations. Updates to the rules are published periodically in sportscar magazine, which is sent to all scca members. These rules serve as an addendum to the scca national solo2017 rules, section 20 prosolo national series rules. The scca traces its roots to the automobile racing club of america not to be confused with the current stock car series of the same name. News new england region sports car club of america. Scca reserves the right to revise these rules, to issue supplements to them, and publish special rules at any time at its sole discretion. This is a guide and in no way a guarantee against injury or. January 2018 edition by roadrally board, scca and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Vehicles must be prepared to the current scca national solo rules for their respective class or the published rules for any supplemental class. Oct 09, 2017 since the programs launch a few years ago, the scca track night in america driven by tire rack has been clear on paper regarding vehicle eligibility. Like any older organization, the scca has a fairly complex body of rules. Street, street touringstreet, and r category cars are allowed additional.

Track rules with the exception of the addition noted above, rules and guidelines for the ontrack elements of targa are based upon the scca time trial rules. Introduction to scca solo rules this section is intended to provide an overview of the rules structure for solo i and ii, focusing primarily on car preparation. The 2020 general competition rules online are made available by scca road racing as. Scca autocross classes fall in to one of several highlevel categories based on. Automobile classes appendix a appendix a automobile classes. Updates to the rule book are made on a monthly basis and can be. Time trials debuts safety measures with record attendance may 26, 2020 22. The scca began sanctioning road racing in 1948 with the inaugural watkins glen. Current scca solo and nasa autocross number and class marking. Scca reserves the right to revise these ules, to issue supplements to them, r and publish special rules at any time at its sole discretion. Releases version date notes wc01 11517 initial 2017 release the rules and regulations set forth herein are intended to assist in the orderly conduct of race events and to further participant and spectator safety. News you can use space coast communities association.

Rules are superseded by the following scca prosolo national series rules. This form will be compiled from in formation supplied by the manufacturer through fia homo. Scca reserves the right to revise these r ules, to issue supplements to them, and publish special rules at any time at its sole discretion. The purpose of cam is to attract automobile enthusiasts who are current ly interested andor participating in goodguys, ultimate street car association, or other similar events for classic vehicles manufactured in north america by the. To keep costs down, 200 is the lowest rating allowed in street class autocross. Determining what class your car fits into is simple if its completely stock like it left the. Continental motors group chicago region scca national. These cars go up to the year 1972 and in some cases 1975.

Solo i does not have its own car classes as such, but rather provides places for. All of these cars represent a costeffective and competitive way to get out on the track. As you can see, the rule is written to allow any size tire that fits on a legal wheel. Scca enterprises spec racer ford, formula enterprises. Cars and rules is your home to view the current gcr, fastrack, recommended rule changes, race memos and member advisories. Forums new england region sports car club of america. General links sports car club of america scca 2008 rulebook pdf northeast division web page scca events listing the scca merchandise collection. The class is used by other sanctioning bodies with compatible rules, such as the international conference of sports car clubs. A competitor should not rely solely upon this document when determining what modification are or are not legal for an intended class, but should also consult with the official scca rule book. Building and maintaining the scca solo rules involves member. The philosophy of gta is to provide 2008 sediv regional class rules final. Sports car club of america northern new jersey region. C street cs above are the stock classes, for those of you who have only a few modifications to your miata.

The scca national solo rules are a membergenerated ruleset built and refined throughout the past 45 years. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by. The masculine pronouns he, him, and his will be used generically, without actual reference to gender. If you would like a copy of the printed gcr, it is available on amazon. The scca rulebook, like the operations book of the transcontinental. Here are news items and commentaries from around the state and the nation we think will be of interest to you to help you in the complex task of managing your commoninterestownership community. The purpose of the production category shall be to provide a clubwide program of speed events for the benefit and pleasure of scca members who desire to compete in seriesproduced sports cars, generally available for purchase by the public, and suitable for both normal road use and speed events participation, and who. This introduction is intended to provide a sense of their organization, along with some basic concepts about how cars are classified in scca racing, and what sorts of modifications are permitted. South pacific in concert to celebrate south coast choral and arts societys 70 anniversary, we will be performing the concert version of the much loved musical south pacific. Scca reserves the right to revise these rules, to issue supplements to them, and publish special rules at any time at its. The content on this page will provide valuable information for road racing compliance in the scca. Rules updated through tb 1702 sports car club of america, inc. If you still have questions, the full rule book is at solo cars and rules. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to our use of cookies.

For those of you who like to keep abreast of the latest articles as they are released, you will find the most recent ones below. Prosolo national series events are conducted under the scca2017 national solo rules. Improved touring is a category of classifications for cars in amateur road racing defined by the sports car club of america. Welcome to the home of the northern new jersey region your destination for motor sports in northern new jersey.

Gt1 cars are very similar to, but not exactly the same as, the carswhich run in the modern scca pro racing trans am series,and often older trans amcars are converted to gt1 cars later in life. Street class autocross rules are very clear about wheel specs. The solo i rules heavily reference the scca general competition rules, also available from the national office. Formula scca or formula enterprises is a class of open wheel racing sanctioned by the sports car club of america scca.

The interpretation and application of the scca rallycross rules by scca officials shall be final and binding. Behind the scenes of sccas struggle to endure hagerty media. Classic american muscle cam from the 2016 scca national solo rules, appendix b rationale. The 2020 general competition rules online are made available by scca road racing as a courtesy to our entrants, volunteers and anyone interested in learning more about the technical regulations governing scca road racing. It is the ohio valley regions ovr of the scca to satisfy a drivers need for speed through organizing a culture of motorsport enthusiasts with high intensity racing, precision driving, and vehicle control learning experiences in a safe and legal manner. This rule book is published annually and each aspect of a solo event from safety, procedure, and classing is covered so it is used by both officials and competitors.

These weeknight track events are aimed at newcomers and others seeking a more lowkey experience, so the rule exists to keep the vibe comfortable. Scca and sportscar shall be consistent throughout this rulebook without further notation. This form will be the official des cription of that make and model and it is the responsibility. New rules for race cars at sccas track night in america. Gt rules are contained in thegt category specifications book. A quick reference guide to scca miata autox classes stock. The scca reserves the right to revise these rules, to. Mar 07, 2018 2018 scca solo rules scca sports car club of america on. This document is intended to only provide a simplified understanding of the scca classing structure, allowing a vehicle owner to quickly class their vehicle with reasonable accuracy. Formula enterprises fe formula enterprises fe shares the same specness of the srf.

There are additional allowances and additional restrictions in the rule book not. Scca autocross has six major competition categories which are then. The scca was formed in 1944 as an enthusiast group. This does not include showroom stock cars with installations of postfactory performance packages otherwise known as trunk kits. Experiential, street, touring and production classes will follow the pdx and club trial rules while the unlimited class will follow the rules set forth in the track trial rules. Northern new jersey region sports car club of america.

Ballast may be added to all cars except showroom stock as required, to meet. General competition rules and specifications scca club racing on. This is a guide and in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or others. Jun 12, 2018 effective january 1, 2018, previous editions of the scca prosolo national series rules are superseded by the following scca prosolo national series rules. Remember that the rules state what you can modify on your car. All of the rules regarding which cars fit into which classes, and what modifications are allowed, can be found on the sccas website here solo cars and rules.

Scca enterprises specializes in the manufacturing, maintenance and marketing of purpose built race cars which include the spec racer ford srf, formula enterprises fe and enterprises sports racer esr. Thats a good question, and one to which we can find an answer by referencing the scca solo and nasa autocross rule books. A known stock example of the part in question must be shipped with the protested part. Arca was founded in 1933 by brothers miles and sam collier, and dissolved in 1941 at the outbreak of world war ii. The address of scca can be found in the front of this rule book. Our site uses cookies to enhance your experience and understand how you use our site. Street, street touringstreet, and r category cars are allowed additional andor alternate radiator cooling fans andor fan controls. Stock classes are considered by some to be the purest form of competition. The following rules are intended to allow competitors to utilize proven stock car technology to compete in scca road racing events at a reasonable cost.

Showroom stock cars may use tires which are eligible under current ss rules, even if they are not eligible in stock. The scca will publish a recognition form for each eligible automobile. Box 19400 topeka, ks 66190400 18007702055 785 3577222 printer text and cover. Car classing guide central carolinas region ccr scca. Main new england region sports car club of america. The 2020 solo rules online version is available in adobe acrobat format, version 10 or later. Nearby regions central new york cny finger lakes flr glen region glen mohawkhudson valley mohud new england region ner. Scca member and formula vee racer graham loughead has founded the formula vee hall of fame. Specific vehicle classifications are located in appendix a of these rules.

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