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What happened between the western and eastern shores of lake superior and where the remains of inkerman and cerisoles now lie have perplexed mariners and divers for nearly. Lake superior is located on the northern edge of wisconsin and stretches between the upper peninsula of michigan north to ontario canada. Lake superior ghost story among great new reads from. Another popular lake superior attraction is the agawa rock pictograph site in lake superior provincial park, where granite cliffs display 35 red ochre images of abstract shapes, canoes, and wildlife dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising. My wife jo found this agate hunters book while traveling in the up and thought it would help her find her first lake superior agate. North shore bookstore from the minnesota north shore web site more great north shore books. You will receive information on special discount coupons available only to our members plus our news letter keeping you up to date on events happening. Conor mihell offers a compelling image of lake superiors canadian shore through colourful personality sketches, adventure stories, and environmental accounts.

A history of lake superior from the first human habitation to. The french explorers called it superior, because it is above or higher than the chain of lakes. Jun 04, 2012 explore the connection between people and places on the rugged shore of lake superior, the worlds largest freshwater lake. Natural history superior, lake, superior, lake publisher huntington, n. Nute avoids the pitfalls of making lake superior history into a history of the voyageurs. Lake superiors historic north shore minnesota historical society.

The lake superior dragon peter unwin has a chapter the third about the dragon, misshepezhieu, in his book called the wolfs head viking, 2003. The celebration spans the entire weekend in some big lake communities. The text is very readable and the pictures are glorious. The lake superior dragon and other stories of great lakes. A brief history of the pittsburgh and lake superior iron. Review of new books, music cds, dvds and videos, in print and online by. The night an air force jet mysteriously disappeared over lake superior november 23, 1953was a stormy one. War breaks out between great britain and france, dooming the lake superior fur trade for several years. New book traces the history of lake superior, a tale of. Risjord offers a grand tour of lake superior s remarkable history, taking readers through the. All books set in lake superior on the global book map. The exact cause of the disaster has never been made clear, and has been the subject of much discussion.

Lake superior, a mine cargo ship, was launched under ussb contract as war bayonet 3 october 1917 by toledo shipbuilding co. History lake superior circle tour travel lake superior. This excerpt from an old navy manual came to mind as i sought permission to come aboard across the gangplank of the u. This fascinating book details several major shipwrecks of gitche gumee, including the complete story of the wreck of the edmund fitzgerald. Mysteries set in the upper peninsula or northern minnesota. It is full of tips for agate hunting and rock picking and has some very good color photographs of a number of agate variations as well as photos. The authority on lake superior, with continuous updates of information and calendar of events items. Area superior is not only on the border of the vast inland sea, lake. We found 29 books set in lake superior and 19 others set nearby. Lake superior, life and history lake superior magazine. This is not so much a standard guide book as a historical and natural tour. Very enjoyable writing style and dedicated research.

Many books have described in great detail the wrecks that have occurred in other parts of the lake, but none have written of the sorrow, hardships, and heroism of those in northern lake superior. Regardless of how the name originated, lake superior is the greatest great lakethe largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area and the third largest by volume. A cold day in paradise and other books in the alex mcknight by steve. The treasure of two nations, lake superior is an ecosystem brimming over with superlatives. King louis xiv revokes all furtrade licenses and prohibits colonials from bringing goods into lake superior region.

Publisher of outstanding books on the history, art, and culture of the upper midwest. The book says its designed to circumnavigate the lake, so you would expect it to be organized in that wayeither clockwise or counter clockwise around the lake. In lake superiors historic north shore, deborah morsekahn takes vacationers and armchair travelers alike on a unique journey along old roads and byways and into the hidden history of the land and communities along a stunning section of this great inland sea. Always the third sunday in july, lake superior day was started in the early 1990s. Enter your email address and select which free newsletters youd like to receive. Lake superior reminds us that the creative process is one that combines learning with mental collagemaking, serendipity, immense seriousness of purpose, happy accidents along with unhappy deadends, flashes of insight, and a willingness to fashion from the quotidian a haunted but enduring knowledge. A fascinating, fastpaced history of lake superior, from the time of the glaciers to the present, complemented by handy travelers tips for historic destinations.

Nancy langstons sustaining lake superior is a wonderful book and an excellent addition to her existing body of work. Lake superior, the largest of the great lakes of north america, is also the worlds largest freshwater lake by surface area, and the third largest freshwater lake by volume. Discovering lake superiors deepest, lost shipwrecks. A great book on the geologic history of the lake superior north shore in minnesota. With an area of 82,100 km2 of which 28,750 km2 lies in canada, when including the american portion, lake superior is canadas largest lake.

Lake superior state university is committed to making reasonable accommodations related to its facilities, programs, or services for qualifying students, staff, faculty, and campus guests with disabilities as required by applicable laws. Admire the kitschy decor of lighthouse cottager maureen robertson, a 76yearold who spends six months of. Unlocking the mysteries of the lake superior scrolls. Lake superior, bounded by ontario, canada, and the u. Page 36 be it remembered, that on this day of, ad 18, before me the undersigned, a in and for said county, personally appeared, to me personally known to be the identical person who executed the above satisfaction of mortgage as grantor, and acknowledged signature thereto to be voluntary act and deed. Author james norton and photographer becca dilley take readers on a culinary tour around lake superior, hitting hightraffic tourist spots and cultural institutions as well as. A history of the lake superior ouinipegou 9780967689203 by stiebe, ronald and a great selection of similar new, used and collectible books available now at great prices. Lake superior, the largest freshwater lake in the world, is aweinspiring on many levels. Edmund fitzgerald from the great lakes shipwreck historical society, the. Originally published in 1944, grace lee nutes lake superior was out of print and had become a rare volume, although it remains a valuable, almost unassailable history of the greatest of the great lakes.

Search the history of over 424 billion web pages on the internet. Lake superiors historic north shore minnesota historical. Meandering along lake superior s beaches sorting through the stones and pebbles washed up on the shore is one of my favorite relaxing ways to pass the time. Lake superior by grace lee nute documents the regional history of lake superior. Part of the first round of the american lake series. Three minesweepers left port arthur, ontario, on november 23, 1918. Lake superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world when it comes to the surface area. A history of lake superior from the first human habitation. New book traces the history of lake superior, a tale of exploitation. Combining detailed historical and scientific evidence with penetrating insights into broader global issues, the book has much to offer not only to those interested in the environmental history of lake superior but also to anyone concerned with the fate of the planet. It also spans west to the eastern edge of minnesota. Lake superior had a rich and diverse natural historywhich in turn has. Niedecker is one of the most important and original poets of this past century. Ive always loved lake superior, so i found this to be an interesting book.

Also, the larger map is impossible to read even with a magnifying glass. While paddling about on lake superior last summer, these two kayakers found more than just a pack of otters. Please take a moment and join travel lake superior. Lake superior flavors university of minnesota press. However, because it is so dated, it probably will not appeal to many readers these days. Apr 30, 2018 the lake superior dragon peter unwin has a chapter the third about the dragon, misshepezhieu, in his book called the wolfs head viking, 2003. The lake covers about 82,000 square km and has a depth of 405 meters or 1,333 feet. A museum in upper michigan pays tribute to the lives lost on the waters of lake superior. Grace lee nute was the author of many popular regional books, including the. Unsolved mysteries of the lakes lake superior magazine. Keep up with the magazine, news and happenings around the big lake. May 01, 2008 in lake superiors historic north shore, deborah morsekahn takes vacationers and armchair travelers alike on a unique journey along old roads and byways and into the hidden history of the land and communities along a stunning section of this great inland sea. Check out the new look and enjoy easier access to your favorite features. Using oral history collected from the descendants of the original shaman artists who left their dreams on agawa rock on the lake superior shoreline, this book presents ojibwa pictographs in their true cultural settings.

It is 350 miles 563 km long east to west, and its greatest width is 160 miles 258 km from north to south. In the hancock book, we get a glimpse of an area that was a true frontier landscape, where mining was just as intense as in the gold fields out west. Below are some references from his book with various descriptions of the creature. Around the shores of lake superior is an ideal trip planner and a unique guide to the region. This classic history of lake superior, from the earliest explorations to the explosion of industry on its shores, takes the reader on a tour from duluth to isle royale, from thunder bay to sault ste. As a member of travel lake superior you will be the first to learn about new and interesting things happening on and around lake superior.

His book, au sable point lighthouse, beacon on lake superior s shipwreck coast, was published in 2014 and his book, teddy roosevelt and the marquette libel trial, was published in 2015, both by the history press. Lake superior ghost story among great new reads from minnesota authors. Little did they know that theyd soon make what could be considered the. Here in the interior of the north american continent is the worlds largest freshwater lake by surface areaan inland sea, cold and deep, extending 350 miles 563 km in length by 160 miles 257 km in width and plunging to depths of over 1,300 feet 400 m. Lawrence seaway 2,342 miles from the atlantic ocean where the seaway ends. Minnesotas lake superior shipwrecks history of minnesotas lake superior exploration and fur trade 16501840 the precontact history of the lake superior is poorly understood in minnesota due to a scarcity of known archaeological sites. Interesting facts about lake superior just fun facts. Sep 24, 2019 the 22foot boat has reached the x he and kraig smith have marked, electronically, in lake superior. Detailing the lakes history from the arrival of etienne brule and grenoble prior to 1623, nute follows nearly 325 years of commerce. Lake superior books tagged lake superior librarything. The captivating history of the worlds largest freshwater lake.

Today he has multiple books of hauntings, and the latest, haunted. Lake superior is one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the world, containing more water than all the other great lakes combined. From the founders of the popular food website heavy table comes lake superior flavors, a celebration of food culture around the shores of the greatest of the great lakes. Washburn, bayfield county, wi lake superior wisconsin history. Minnesota north shore of lake superior bookstore home lodging options.

Lake superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world in area and the third largest in volume, behind lake baikal in siberia and lake tanganyika in east africa. The caspian sea, while larger than lake superior in both surface area and volume, is brackish. Aug 06, 2017 lake superior ghost story among great new reads from minnesota authors. An inland water voyage on the great lakes and farfamed st. Sulfur springs by william kent krueger, manitou canyon by william kent krueger, let it burn by steve hamilton. As author margaret beattie bogue follows the lake superior shoreline clockwise through minnesota, ontario, michigan, and wisconsin, she evokes the richness of local history and highlights hundreds of landmarks and points of interest that surround the lake. An extraordinary lake in a changing world, published by yale university press, traces the history of the lake and some of the indignities its suffered at the hands of humans. Its a definite first stop for any visitor interested in the maritime history of lake superior. Growing up beside lake superior, this was a must read for me.

On a mission, when ice pushes, the coast guard pushes back. This informative, easytofollow guide offers the history of native americans, the. Northern minnesota has very rich geological features, because the newer soil was scraped clear of the ancient bedrock by glaciers. He has two books of fiction called lake superior tales, published by modern history press, and journeys into the macabre, published. These stories leave us with the opportunity to envision the dragon in various ways or as we wish. Local books by canadian authors in from the lake superior region such as james r stevens, wayne pettit, ron wrigley and joan skelton. The swans led to swan lake which led to ballet which led to my villains motive and my heroines past. In this book, the daring duo perfectly captures the essence of who we are in the upper midwest, and their prescriptive approach for the traveler is both. The largest, northernmost, and westernmost lake of the five great lakes of north america.

A cold day in paradise by steve hamilton, north of nowhere by steve hamilton, wolves by cary griffith, northwest angle by wil. The port of duluth superior sits at the westernmost tip of the great lakes st. These true stories behind the shipwrecks on lake superior. Geology and 10,000 years of native american tradition. That said, originally published in 1944, this is an excellent, detailed history of lake superior up to that point in time.

Witness my hand and seal, the day and year last above written. This classic history of lake superior, from the earliest explorations to the. Rock picking agate hunting guides lake superior circle tour. Coast guard cutter mackinaw, docked just above the locks at. Courtesy wikipedia two kayakers skirting along the south shore of lake superior last summer were just trying to find a place to get out of a sudden rain burst. Here is an excellent history of the ships that sailed our massive and sometimes terrifying inland sea. Lake superior is home to about 80 species of fish, including carp and varieties of trout, salmon and perch lake superior contains nearly 70 million diporeia shrimplike creatures with a total biomass greater than that of the human population in the entire lake superior basin. An interesting plot might also include native american myths such as the windigo, a vengeful spirit. It contains many underwater color photos as well as black and whites and maps. Here is a smattering of my favorite books set along lake superior. Nov 21, 2018 the swans led to swan lake which led to ballet which led to my villains motive and my heroines past.

It includes the poets travel and reading notes, excerpts from explorer journals and wisconsin guidebooks, and related critical and environmental. It is shared by the canadian province of ontario to the north, the u. Coast guard cutter mackinaw, docked just above the locks at sault ste. Lake superior is a big lake, as jim and becca acknowledge on page one of their book, and the food and culture that it creates, inspires, and nurtures represent some of the best in our country. Lake superior is the largest of the great lakes by surface area and volume. Lake superior, most northwesterly and largest of the great lakes of north america and one of the worlds largest bodies of fresh water. Nute was a keen upper midwest historian and gained significant recognition for her writings on the frenchcanadian voyageurs hired canoemen who transported people, fur, and cargo. My most recent book, sustaining lake superior yale university press, fall 2017, e xamines climate change and toxics in the lake superior basin. This entire timeline, except events happening after 2011 and with historical photos, is included in the book my marquette.

Lake superiors north shorethe vast stretch between duluth and grand. With its rugged shoreline and deep, cold waters, lake superior offers exciting. The first people to settle in the region arrived around 8000 b. Some titles are angelique abandoned, a picasso in the north country, strawberry hill werkshop, wrecked, killing of the shamen, dead men flying, mad donald mckay. History and information about lake superior livnfresh. I am distinguished professor of environmental history at michigan technological university. I have started a sabbatical year to write a book tentatively a titled climate ghosts.

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